Sunday, July 27, 2014

breakfasting before lebaran !

yeayyy ramadhan post !!!
 how are you guys and how are your fasting? hehe yap toningt is TAKBIRANNN hehe and i just wanna shared my outfit for breakfasting with my college friends yesterday. hehe lalala yeyye tomorrow is IED. finally after 30 days we fasting finally we win tomorrow, yappp Muslim feast or LEBARAN :pp hehe
so, after long long time not meet up (because of our busyness) i planned to meet my friends . we meet at gandaria city at fish and co. hehe overall nothing has changed there is only good news ( kulit manggis ada ekstraknya!) haha jayus yaa skipp !
and the good news is I'm one step closser to be a bachelor alhamdulillah. i hope the schedule going well i'll final test (sidang) last august or early september.  Now i finish input data and going to BAB 4-5 i hope you always pray for me hehe
back to breakfasting hmmm, i think fish and co 4/5 for the food!! but not the price yaa hehe too expensive for student. for my favorite food as always fish and chips hehe 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

wall space

I do not have a story besides last week was my best friend's birthday. hahah she is my best friend from high school and she always help me to photo outfit or photo shoot! happy birthday sis. Maybe you think i give her surprised but nooo, when she birhtday she was'nt  at home. so i just give her gift. heheh
 we have some hobbies, try new caffe. so to celebrate her birthday we tried Blacklisted at pondok indah mall. I think this place recommend, the have good place, good food and not too expencive !

so we tried, burger blacklist , spagethi aglio olio for food and drink, pink raninbow and also homade lemonade. As i said, the food tasted really good, so i recommend for you. the blacklisted burger only 69K include salad, potato wedges and spagethi aglio olio 55K. for drink rainbow juice ( stawberry, watter mellon) 32K and homemade lemonade 38K but the price really worth it because the lemonade have BIG glass. hahaha

outfit : sweater, Hnm// skirt,online shop// bag, forever21// clogs, retail therapy

Friday, May 9, 2014

tea time

hellooo remember my last story ?? and finally i finish my interenship with good score from the office yesssss. finally no work pointless and since i'm interenship and learning how to working i over think for looking a job and get a money especially. hmmm its not easy man !!
ohyaa  do you remember about my camera? yapp I succeed save up and buy a new one*alhamdulillah*
hmmm i saving all my money from my fee, job, and salling my preloved hahaha..
Tea time is really fun with your firends right? back to topic after finish interenship i meet new people and new friend, theye are really fun and i learn more with them. hehe my new friend is kpopers, and you know she always give me new drama korean and gossiping about korea, Korea beauty product and more. i remember The first Korean drama that they give to me is heirs, and runing man.hihi and they now become close friends. we like hanging out together, playing in my house, picnic and photoshoot. cacah always help me for taking a picture , yhank cah :*

outfit : Dress and bag , vintage market// necklace, online shop// clogs, retail therapy
spring is comming so i really fun wearing this dress <3 and="" flowers="" fresh="" nbsp="" p="">


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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

hello april

hello pretty blogger and readers how are you?? this is my first post in april 2014 yesss after sleeeeeep alooooongggg time to blogging hehhee .. so sorry, i try to manage my time to blogging but i have another task to  interenship . yahhh actually my job desk not difficult because i ever learn it in my college but you know the internship was not only spending time but also the mind. when I intend to photoshoot at the weekend, almost every two weeks there is activity outside the office ( so i failed to photoshoot). when i want to blogging in the night i feel really tired :( . I went the office at 6 am and arrived at 8 am (2 hours for traffic) and when i go back home as always traffic too i leave from office at 5pm and arrived at 7-8 pm (7 pm if i was using toll road). so you can feel i need 4 hours to traffic in every day right? hahahahaha but i always think positive because i as soon i have a job and I will certainly get jammed every day.hohoho jakarta..

Btw i dont have any good photo i just have a simple, girly and vintage hehe enjoy darling :D

Sunday, January 26, 2014

born pretty

hii fab people yesterday I was hanging out with my bestfriend at teras putih. finallly I can meet with my BBF senior high school after near 6 month not meet up. yaas as you know this semeter really hectic you can seen my blog, OMG i rarely post :( I'm so sorry for late reply comment, not post anything and and that makes me very sad is  I did'nt meet my blogger fellas when gathering :( * crying* oh god honestly, i really want graduate soon!!!

ohya  many thanks for my new sponsor Born Pretty !! they have unique site and I think you'll love this site they sell some accessories, nail art and watches . my favorite is watches category and saw many varieties of women's watch. Born Pretty Store offers several varieties of women's  watches. There are bracelet watches, wrist watches, LED watches and pocket watches. I choose this brown vintage watch. I love this vintage look watch because I think it suits my daily style :))
ohya i ner forgot !! if you wanna buy you can use cupon SABRINAMC10

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Friday, January 24, 2014


Hiii... HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL MY FRIEND !!! i know this is really too late for saying new year hehehe but i hope this year make you feel great and always better than last year. anw this post about my vacation to Bankok and Pataya before christmas yeayyyy !!! i decide to backpaker with my sister :p I always dress up (OOTD) with sneakers and backpack ! LOL
it's really fun traveling with simple outfit and lightweight suitcases, yaaaaa but minus cute photoshoot *sorry *
the most favorite place in Bangkok is PLATINUM yaaaa its time to shopping and don't forget to Madam Tausan ( we can photo with great people )

ohyaaaa !!! I also trying some street food  and tastes good!! i love the chicken black paper :D 

  view from my room ! papaayyy good night :)

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