Thursday, January 22, 2015

say good bye :(

hari ini hari terakhir sama okaasan dan obaasan, huhuhu sediiih. walaupun cuma 2 hari tapi berasa sekali sedihnya ketika harus meninggalkan mereka berdua. hmm apa kabar ya mereka :( biasanya di malam hari kita dinner bersama dengerin ceritanya yaaa walaupun gue ga ngerti bahasanya hehe i miss this momment :(

Sunday, January 4, 2015

jenesys experience : home stay

first day we meet  okaasan

in wakayama we stay at home stay with okasan (mom) and ottosan (dad) they"re really humble and friendly even they did'nt talking with english. To be honest language is our problem because we ( me and viena) did'nt speak japanese language haha so we only used body language for interaction. This place really quite, most people in in this village just stay together, a father and a mother and their children go wandering into town. and mostly move to OSAKA. so what happen in homestay??? yaapp in  the morning we saw the butterfly flew and landed in front of the house. after it we clean the house, drying the futton. Afeter finish cleaning home we're taught to make a postcard with the painting by self. my okasan very good at painting. she said make a post card and painting make her relax in every time.

      this is place where i was stay in two night. you can see their room :))

Lunch time , OMG this is the best lunch ever in JAPAN. PASTA *crying* after lunch we move to field, we are taught farming. Our foster parents in Japan took its food materials directly from their own fields. And after harvesting they usually use by themself and give to neighbors

 After finish farming, we back go home and preparing dinner. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

jenesys experience : we move to wakayama with shinkansen

(endah, ulfa and me)
Today we'll move to wakayama with shinkansen huhu bye byte tokyo bye bye shinjuku :(. we're really regret we did'nt visit another area. we hope that one day when we returned to Japan we'll around  all areas in Japan especially akihabara, haraju and shibuya.  Ohyaa, this day was warmer than yesterrday  because yesterday have a rainyday. I'm so excited with this day yeayyyy.
Before going to the station we still have some time to get around the hotel. Some of us are still looking KITKAT chocolate in some store. But me, endah, ulfa and harry prefer to enjoy the last day in tokyo and take pictures around the hotel with a view of shijuku city hehe. In japan there are many vending machines, and we're very interested in it. hahaha 
Today we'll move to wakayama with shinkansen.. hohoo hohoo we're relly lucky beacuse for using shinkansen,the fastest train in the world and that I know the price is quite expensive, hehe but all participant using for free .
ps: because we wanna used shinkansen so we did'nt bring our suitcase. we only bring handbag or backpack

(irene, me , ulfa and dyana)
snap snap around 20 minute before the train come hehe
our Indonesian supervisor (mas dede and mba rahma)

can you see? this is the fuji mountain, snaping from shinkansen.(credit :katsura photo)

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