Saturday, February 21, 2015

Black browny

outfit  : accessories, Zara// blazer, forever 21// black dress, mom// belt, from bangkok// bag, stradivarius// heels, Zara

Long time not talking about my life, after graduation i focussed online business i open clothing line named vintagede on instagram. yapp actually i really want working in office in magazine or fashion industri hehehe and I did apply to some company may I lucky. Bismillah. i want to young ececutive wearing cute shite and be a pretty lady. hahha but if I dont get a chance i have another plan. I'll continue my study for child psychologist. actually beside fashion children is my favorite. hhmmm
i remember when i was senior high school i want to be a doctor and get specialist pediatrician. And i hope if i can't be a pediatrician i can be child psychologist.
wish me luck. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

late christmas

outfit : outer - retail therapy, hand bag - zara, shoes and skirt bangkok.

Too late to say merry christmas in february, hahah actually i was post this photo on my instagram.  i'm not celebrate cristmas but I love the atmosphere and decorations at Christmas. and at Christmas last year I hangout together with my friends at tredici. (please search at zomato or google ya) . the place really nice but because we not rsvp, so we did'nt have good spot :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

jenesys experience : wakayama university

 Diminggu terakhir ini kami mengunjungi salah satu universita negeri di wakayama, yaitu : wakayama university. wakayama memiliki empat fakults yaitu , education, economics, faculty of systems engineering dan terakhir faculty of tourism.

salah satu penampilan kebudayaan dari grup jenesys indonesia di wakayama university

mereka semua sangat hangat dan friendly !!! du baik baik dan luc lucu sekali mereka ini, tapi sangat disayangkan  tidak semua dari mereka dapat berbahsaa inggris, dan kami juga sempat diizinkan masuk ke kelas mereka dan mengikuti salah satu pelajaran di wakayama university ( yang kami masuki kelas internasional jepang - inggris) jadi bahasa yagn digunakan juga inggris dan jepang.
beliau adalah dosen bahasa di wakayama university dan mampu menguasai beberapa bahasa. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

say good bye :(

hari ini hari terakhir sama okaasan dan obaasan, huhuhu sediiih. walaupun cuma 2 hari tapi berasa sekali sedihnya ketika harus meninggalkan mereka berdua. hmm apa kabar ya mereka :( biasanya di malam hari kita dinner bersama dengerin ceritanya yaaa walaupun gue ga ngerti bahasanya hehe i miss this momment :(

Sunday, January 4, 2015

jenesys experience : home stay

first day we meet  okaasan

in wakayama we stay at home stay with okasan (mom) and ottosan (dad) they"re really humble and friendly even they did'nt talking with english. To be honest language is our problem because we ( me and viena) did'nt speak japanese language haha so we only used body language for interaction. This place really quite, most people in in this village just stay together, a father and a mother and their children go wandering into town. and mostly move to OSAKA. so what happen in homestay??? yaapp in  the morning we saw the butterfly flew and landed in front of the house. after it we clean the house, drying the futton. Afeter finish cleaning home we're taught to make a postcard with the painting by self. my okasan very good at painting. she said make a post card and painting make her relax in every time.

      this is place where i was stay in two night. you can see their room :))

Lunch time , OMG this is the best lunch ever in JAPAN. PASTA *crying* after lunch we move to field, we are taught farming. Our foster parents in Japan took its food materials directly from their own fields. And after harvesting they usually use by themself and give to neighbors

 After finish farming, we back go home and preparing dinner.